An Introduction to SewLottie

In August 2020, our lives changed. Not only were we in the crux of a global pandemic but we were about to receive a huge blow to our family. 

As we sat in the consultant’s room in the clinic, my sister got the news we all hoped we’d never hear. Cancer… breast cancer. So many questions…What next? Why her? Why any of us? Why any of you? We could see a thousand things going around in our sister’s head as all this information was being pumped into her by the consultant but nothing stuck. 

As a family, we’ve always supported small businesses and charities so now we needed to do something to help our sister, to help her support her 3 children whilst in treatment and no longer being able to work and also, helping her on her way to get better so her partner can also support her and continue working. 

SewLottie was born in the inspiration of my sister, to help fundraise for Macmillan Cancer who will always be a reminder in our mind who comforted, advised, cared and reached out on the day our sister got her news.

It was a terrible shock that day, forever etched in our minds. She had only just had her newest baby boy 6 months before this diagnosis, so much more needs to be done to raise awareness of breast cancer in both men and women, so if we can do this by making our apparel sell globally and get as many people on board as we can with pictures wearing our charity tees then together – we can save lives! 

Once we set our feet firmly in the apparel industry, we will be releasing new designs often for everyone to wear so watch this space & we look forward to serving you.

8 thoughts on “An Introduction to SewLottie

  1. Cathy McConnell says:

    Wonderful idea – I am a breast cancer survivor and think your products look very stylish as well as supporting charity – well done 👍🏼

  2. Sally Ward says:

    Morning I have placed an order for a mastectomy tee shirt and looking forward to it arrival. I was diagnosed with Brest cancer in March 2021, lots of test 2 lumpectomies followed by a mastectomy I am now cancer free. I love your designs and look forward to wearing them. I am sure I will place another order.
    Thank you and I hope your sister is doing well?

  3. Rose Irwin says:

    What a find. our daughter had Bowel cancer the age of 29.but at the age of 39 she was diagnosed with breast cancer .and sadly she passed away in January 2020. I will wear my t shirt with pride as it is exactly what we thought at the time. but we are so grateful we had 40yrs with the most strong young woman we called our daughter.

  4. Tihra says:

    THANKYOU soo much. Put a big smile on my face when I opened my packaging.
    Been in and out of hospital since May.
    Mastectomy done.
    Now ready for the treatment.
    To hell with breast cancer.

  5. Mitchell says:

    This girl goes above and beyond for her customers, not only with her support to cancer but our drama group too.
    Sewlottie personalised our tshirts for our Christmas concert.
    She is now doing our 9 to 5 t-shirts and other Merchandise items.
    She always does the best prices and gives it that personal touch.
    I would highly recommend SewLottie.
    Thank you for an amazing service

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