Our Mission

SewLottie was born out of a shocking cancer diagnosis of a close family member.  From this, we decided to turn something tragic into something productive.

We pride our business on compassion and love for everyone fighting their own battles, whether that be cancer, mental health or someone just wanting to “wear” their ideas.

Our Essence

We operate on imaginative creations that you can wear on a daily basis to feel good about yourself, whether you’re supporting someone close to you to say F cancer or you fancy something completely different on your tee, you can contact us and we will design something personal to you and your journey.

We’ve sold many hundreds of tees/hoodies/sweatshirts to women and men worldwide, whilst the majority is cancer based to support them on their journey; we’ve also made some really lovely prints about remission, humour, Mamas, Dads and much more.

Our Promise

Under our charity focused apparel, we will donate 5% from every sale to the charity the item is based on.

We ensure that every tee sold and worn by you, will raise awareness and make women and men more aware of the signs of cancer as it draws attention and starts a conversation about signs, awareness and diagnosis and prompts others to do the same

Our Vibe

Here, at SewLottie HQ we want to make memories last a lifetime.

We’ve spent time talking to customers and understanding their wants and needs when it comes to personalised apparel, we are quite a niche company where we would like to raise awareness as much as possible for breast cancer.

We really want to get women and men checking for signs, changes and knowing more about the risk of certain cancers to avoid going through what our close family member has. If our tees help raise awareness to just one other person, then we know we are doing our job.

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